• Sharing good practices for European mobility activities development


03.10.2016 – 02.10.2018

The staff of VET organizations, Institutes and SMEs express a strong willingness to further develop transnational cooperation activities and improve their knowledge, competences and capacities in implementing and managing European mobility projects. They wish to be aware of, adopt and apply successful methodologies and tools already experimented at European level by expert organizations in the field. The project SPREAD aims at promoting internationalization and transnational mobility in VET Institutes and organizations. Its main objectives are to upgrade the competences and skills of the staff on specific and relevant issues related to mobility; develop and reinforce European networks; increase the capacity of VET organizations to operate transnationally; and to promote work-based learning through mobility projects.
The project foresees the realization of six joint staff trainings events aimed at sharing and confronting tools, good practices and methodologies related to the implementation and management of European mobility projects among organizations operating in the VET field. Each training event will be hosted by the project Partner that has strong expertise in the following topics: Competences of tutors and mentors; Intercultural issues in transnational projects; ECVET methodology and the validation and recognition of competences; ITCs tools for the implementation and management of European projects; Quality in mobility projects; Dissemination and exploitation of results. After each staff training event, each project partner will organize, in its own Country, a local seminar aimed at spreading the knowledge acquired.

Result of project

At the end of the project, a guide of good practices for the implementation of European mobility projects will be produced by the Partnership.


Sharing Good Practices for European Mobility Activities Development (S.P.R.E.A.D) 6th LTTA, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results 28 May – 01…

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